Working with Android Studio (Intellij IDEA)


Navigate menu
In case you’re not familiar with an API class, file or symbol, the Navigate menu lets you jump directly to the class of a method or field name without having to search through individual classes.
Inspection scopes
Scopes set the color of code segments for easy code identification and location. For example, you can set a scope to identify all code related to a specific action bar.

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The Hot-Keys mapping of Xcode for iOS develop


Action Hot-Key
Create new file Command-N
Build Command-B
Run Command-R
Access documentation Control-Clicking on a UI element
Doc viewer & API Reference Shift-Command-0
Quick Help Option-click a symbol in Source editor
Open in assistant editor Option-Double-click
Open in another window Option-Shift
Show where the file should open Option-Shift-click
Open quickly Shift-Command-O
Jump to Definition command from Navigate Shift-Command-J
Del from insertion to end of line Command-K
Display definition in assistant editor Option-Command-click
Uninstall constraint or view Command-Delete